Blood Flow Restriction in the Clinical Setting

Dr. Connor Wall demonstrates and exlpains how Personalized Blood Flow Restriction is used in the clinical setting for injury and post-surgical applications. If you are interested in doing Personalized BFR Training at SPORT PT give us a call at 970.963.2700, or for existing patients, ask your therapist about BFR. SPORT PT accepts most major insurancesContinue reading “Blood Flow Restriction in the Clinical Setting”

SPORT Physical Therapy Presents

October 26, 2021 @ 6:30 pm Vital Foods for Recovery fromSports Injury & Surgery Presentation by Shelby Smith, SPORT PT aide and certified Holistic Health Coach. Helpful recipes for nutrient rich healing foods. Learn about protein needs for recovery and strength gains. Quality information on essential macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healing. Sample menus andContinue reading “SPORT Physical Therapy Presents”

Personal Training with Cory

SPORT PT offers Personal Training by NASM certified Cory Rhea. Do you need to continue your strength-training and reconditioning after physical therapy? Are you looking to further your functional fitness or pre-hab your body to avoid injury this coming season? Do you have a nagging ache or pain when you do your sports or hobbies?Continue reading “Personal Training with Cory”

New at SPORT PT: Blood Flow Restriction Training

The team at SPORT PT is excited to be offering Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training. BFR training is the brief and intermittent occlusion of veinous and arterial blood flow with the use of a pneumatic tourniquet while performing low-intensity exercise. BFR training is a technique that mimics the effects of high intensity, high load trainingContinue reading “New at SPORT PT: Blood Flow Restriction Training”